Specialty Pizzas

  • Vegetarian L-lx: $16.99Large: $14.99Med: $12.99Sm: $10.99
    Mushrooms, Black Olives, Bell Peppers & Onions
  • Meat Lover L-lx: $16.99Large: $14.99Med: $12.99Sm: $10.99
    Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Hamburger, Sausage & Italian Sausage
  • Supreme L-lx: $16.99Large: $14.99Med: $12.99Sm: $10.99
    Pepperoni, Sausage, Hamburger, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Black Olives & Onions
  • New Hawaiian L-lx: $16.99Large: $14.99Med: $12.99Sm: $10.99
    Canadian Bacon, Pineapple, Bacon & Extra Cheese
  • BBQ Chicken L-lx: $16.99Large: $14.99Med: $12.99Sm: $10.99
    BBQ Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Chicken, Onions & Cheddar Cheese
  • Buffalo Chicken L-lx: $16.99Large: $14.99Med: $12.99Sm: $10.99
    Buffalo Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Chicken, Onions
  • Spinach or Chicken Alfredo L-lx: $16.99Large: $14.99Med: $12.99Sm: $10.99
    Alfredo Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Mushrooms
  • Marino’s Chicken L-lx: $16.99Large: $14.99Med: $12.99Sm: $10.99
    Pizza Sauce, Cheese, Chicken, Onions, Tomatoes & Jalapeños

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